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Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.


Fact : No! Definitely not. Homeopathy works as fast as any other mode of treatment. Homeopathy works wounderful in acute cases (For e.g. Fever , food poisoning , cough ,insect bite , allergies etc) and that too very quickly. Therefore, its a misconception.

In chronic cases, the time taken for the cure is proportionate to the diseases condition , stages , since when patient is suffering ( Chronicity), for how long superficial treatment has taken.

Fact : The Dilution(Medicated) we use as a medicine is different and sugar pills(Vehicle) are specially maid for proper absorption of medicine are same.

The effect of homoeopathic medicines has been observed and well researched on humans .These medicines have been researched on since ages all over the world by renowned scientists and is found to be effective on the most of diseases.

Fact : No , it can be taken with allopathy . In today’s world, so many people are suffering from disease conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hormonal and autoimmune diseases and mainly rely on allopathic medication . So the best way would be to continue them along with Homoeopathic medicines and then gradually reduce the allopathic dosage under the guidance of an expert.

Fact : Where every other treatment has not worked people often turn to homeopathy with their prolonged ailments getting onto an uncontrollable stage. After constant allopathic treatment, any illness becomes chronic. Using homeopathy from the very start helps in reducing the recovery period. But to answer the myth, homeopathy is equally effective for both acute and chronic ailments.


Homeopathy has no side effects. Hence, it can safely be given to the newborn and pregnant women. It will eventually help them strengthen their immunity enabling them to cope with conditions better.

Some patients are asked to avoid certain food types and some particular foods and beverages like onions, garlic, coffee, tobacco, alcohol etc. as these food compositions might have unwanted reactions with certain homoeopathic medicines.

Likewise any other medicine, homeopathy medicines must be used with utmost caution. For chronic ailments, careful consumption with proper analysis and consultation by a qualified homoeopath is necessary. So, homeopathy has absolutely no side effects if taken under the expert’s advice.